Some Of The Things We Do

Sunday Worship Service

Support Groups

Annual Community Celebrations

Our worship teams are committed in ushering you into the presence of God each Sunday while our sermons are true to God's word and provide practical applications for you to take and use. During service, children enjoy a program that makes learning the Gospel fun, but most importantly, gives them a lasting memorable experience that makes them want to come again! 

Whether it be meeting at a pub or at someone's residence, when you join one of our support groups, you can be confident that you're in a safe space where you can share your life with others, find support and life long friends who will journey with you in your Christian exploration.

Christmas, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Advent Weeks, New Years and other annual holiday events are celebrated at Crucible Church with the entire neighbourhood in the City Centre invited! There's music, lots of food and lots of fun for everyone (including the kids.) 

Community Engagements

Practical Christianity Seminars

City Partnerships

Our vision is to see the Kingdom of God, which is Jesus, to be experienced and encountered by everyone in the City Centre of Richmond. We believe that we are the extension of Jesus' love for this city and whether it be small community events such as a pancake breakfast to large events such as a summer festival, we will continue to find innovative and creative ways to allow Jesus be encountered!

The Gospel should permeate through every fabric of our lives. Our decisions, the way we manage our finances, the way we parent our children, the way we approach our work, everything we are needs to be centred on Jesus. Therefore, we also provide seminars on how to engage the Gospel with day to day matters such as finances and banking. 

Our heart is for the City of Richmond. We desire to see every person who lives and works in Richmond to flourish. Therefore, we need to engage in the conversations that are happening in the city and be active partners in city projects so that everyone has the opportunity to flourish and be fully human.