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Team Bios

Jonathan Chan - Lead Pastor

Throughout his 15 years of working in the corporate world, Jonathan realized there was a disconnect between the Gospel he believed and his work. Therefore, after acquiring a Master of Divinity at Regent College in Vancouver to complement his Bachelors in Economics and Graduate Degree in Business at Simon Fraser University, he made it his life purpose to connect his theological training, business training and corporate executive experience so that his Christian faith was not merely a religious endeavor confined to one or two moments of the week but to have the Gospel be realized in every fabric of his life. This, he believed, was the exemplary life that business professionals have longed for. He found himself a group of like minded professionals and while helping each other to pursue this vision and mission, their group grew and a business community was born in 2011 called the Company of Disciples.  On July 2017, he also became the lead pastor at Crucible Church incorporating the DNA of the Company of Disciples.

Fritz Baylen - Worship Pastor

A veteran in worship leading and directing, Fritz is also gifted in mentoring and coaching worship leaders and potential leaders who have the heart and talents to bless not only the faith community at Crucible Church but faith communities abroad. He has a heart of a shepherd and  as one member said, "I have to say that Pastor Fritz's heart is really solid. He is not pompous, not arrogant or showy. He's not the kind of leader who dictates how things need to be. He's more soft-spoken, but I like that in his authority, he gives us space to exercise our own leadership and decision-making, but speaks the truth when needed, and desires to see us grow. I really appreciate that kind of heart." Many say that Fritz complements Jonathan. Jonathan is the fisherman while Fritz is the farmer. 

Rosalind Chan - Children Minister

Rosalind has been interested in the art of Magic for 10 years.  It was back in 2006, while working as a river guide on a cruise on the Yangtze River in China that she discovered this beautiful and mysterious art.  She became friends with several magical entertainers on board and quickly got a chance to perform for the passengers.  Her passion grew quickly as she realized how deeply moved she was by this ancient art and she knew right away she wanted to create that same experience of wonder and mystery for others. Since then, she's been practicing and honing her skills and have been performing at a professional level for the past few years.  She is an active member of the Vancouver Magic Circle as well as the International Brotherhood of Magicians since 2012.  In May 2015, she was awarded the Vancouver Magic Circle's Close-Up Magician of the year award.  Creating and sharing magical moments with others is what she loves most.  Her hope always is to bring a smile, a moment of inspiration or flash of pure awe and wonder to someone's day, just as exactly as how it made her feel in the first place. And hence, she wants to give children the same experience and use magic to tell Bible stories, teach the values of the Gospel and create lasting memories.